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Bone Lake's Lake Management Plans

Lake Management Plan (LMP)
PDF 2015

LMP Summary Booklet

Aquatic Plant Management Plan (APM)
PDF 2013

Mission Statement

      Bone Lake is a precious resource and one of the premier recreational lakes in this area. The    
      overall mission of this comprehensive lake management plan is to maintain and enhance,   
      when possible, the health of Bone Lake to support clean water, natural scenic beauty,
      recreation, and sport fishing for decades to come.

Our innitial Lake Management Plan was developed in 2008/2009 by approximately twenty Bone Lake volunteers and commissioners and our consultant Cheryl Clemens, from Harmony Environmental.  This plan was also based on property owner surveys in 2008/2009 as well as other prior lake studies. The DNR approved this plan in mid-2009 and we received a $198,000 DNR grant to help fund its activities.

The 2015 updated Lake Management Plan has now been approved and the Board of Commissioners and Committee chairs and volunteers are working to implement it. We have received a new $200,000 Wisconsin DNR grant to fund most of its activities. Please follow the links above to view the plan and the plan summary booklet.

The 2015 Plan has the same goals as our 2009 plan.

1. Improve Bone Lake water clarity by 20% over 10 years
2. Maintain and enhance Bone Lake’s natural beauty
3. Protect and enhance wildlife habitat
4. Protect and improve Bone Lake Fishery
5. Maintain safe, effective navigation on Bone Lake

The Aquatic Plant Management Plan is an essential part of our overall Lake Management Plan ( LMP) which provides the framework to improve our lake. You can find the 2013 plan here. PDF

We always are looking for more volunteers to help implement this LMP so please call Phil Foster at 715-857-5304 if interested or to learn how you can help.