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Cheryl Clemens consulting with property
owner on Long Lake in Burnett County.


Our site visit went extremely well — better
than expected. Cheryl was very knowledgeable and informative and made the process comfortable and easy.
– Ann Miller, Bone Lake resident

Interactive Checklist Survey for a FREE Site Visit

Are all areas of your lot well covered with vegetation?

My lot is completely vegetated with tall growth between my house and the lake.

There are no areas of bare soil on my lot. My lot has some tall vegetation near the water.

There are few areas of bare soil AND/ OR my property is covered with a thick lawn.

My lot has extensive areas of bare soil AND/OR is covered with a thin lawn.

Gullies have formed from water running across my lot.

Are there any deposits of sand or other materials, or can you see where water flows on your lot?

No deposits or other indication of water flow are present.

I can see where water flowed across my lot.

There is a clear channel were water runs through tall grasses, leaves, or pine needles.

Water clearly brings leaves, pine needles, and sand to my lot.

There are large deposits of sand and debris in flatter areas of my lot. I could easily fill a 5 gallon bucket.

How steep is the slope to the lake?

There is a ridge that prevents all water from flowing to the lake.

The lot is completely flat. Water pools and soaks into the ground.

The lot has a gradual slope. Water may make it to the lake in a big storm.

My lot has a moderate slope to the lake.

I have a steep slope to the lake. A ball placed at the top of the hill will roll to the lake.

How close is the main structure to the lake?

My house and all structures are greater than 500 feet from the lake.

My house is at least 75 feet from the lake.

My house is between 40 and less than 75 feet from the lake.

My house is between 20 and less than 40 feet of the lake.

My house is less than 20 feet from the lake.

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