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Lake Monitoring - Data Collector Sample Sheet

Lake Monitoring - Data Collector Sample Sheet

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Bone Lake Protection

Lake Monitoring

Lake Monitoring is one of the key activities for protecting Bone Lake from aquatic invasive species like Eurasian Water Milfoil.This year 50 volunteers of the Lake Monitoring team are responsible for monitoring aquatic plant growth in Bone Lake.

The entire lake with 12 miles of shoreline is sectioned off and once every 3 weeks from May to September and assigned person or teams sets out to collect plant samples. Known native plants are cataloged, the locations of problem vegetation like Curly Leaf Pondweed are charted and unknown plants are bagged and brought to the Polk County Land and Water Resources biologists for identification.

Thirty two verities of aquatic vegetation have been found but fortunately no new invasive species has been found beyond the existing Curly Leaf Pondweed. Curly Leaf Pondweed has been in the lake for a number of years and one of our goals is to track the location and spread of this plant. Some water chemistry and sechi readings are also being taken by some of the volunteers. As always volunteers are welcomed and to find out how you may get involved or learn more call Bob Boyd 1-715-857-5495 or Jack Lachenmayer 1-715-857-5161. We will provide the training needed and it only takes about 2 hours every 3 to 4 weeks to help protect your lake.

Lake Monitoring Team:

  • Steve and Sue Schnarr
  • Bill and Janet Jungbauer
  • Mary Jo Pickering
  • Jan Garbinski
  • John Boynton
  • Cris and Lynn Dueholm
  • Joe Christensen
  • Jack and Katie Lachenmayer
  • Tim and Kathleen Killeen
  • Mary and Dave Rekstad
  • Tony Mans and Gail Heller
  • Jack and Norma Lanners
  • Bob Boyd and Lorraine Boyd
  • Dale and Cindy Gardner
  • Todd Sturgeon
  • Mike and Jan Belich
  • Mike and Lorraine Lunzer
  • Dick Boss and Brian Paulson
  • Glenn Wahman
  • John and Kathy McCall and Tim Smith
  • Karen Engelbretson and Steve Nusbaum
  • Sue and Phil Foster
  • Jeanne and Dennis Lunzer
  • Tom and Brenda Laska
  • Jim and Kathie Widen
  • Bob and Diane Graham
  • Tim and Linda Rea
  • Greg and Kathy Lindquest