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Bone Lake Protection

Clean Boats Clean Waters (CBCW)

The threat posed by aquatic invasive species (AIS) to Bone Lake remains very serious.  The Clean Boats Clean Waters program has been in operation for the past several years as one line of defense against invasives such as Eurasian milfoil.  The long term goal of CBCW is to protect the present lake eco-system, and to preserve the best possible boating, swimming, and fishing conditions.

Primarily, CBCW invests most of its time and grant money in informing lake users of the need to combat aquatic invasive species.  The process began with adult volunteers from around the lake greeting boaters at the north boat landing with information about AIS and boat and trailer inspection techniques.  Over the past summer this activity was done by student volunteers from Luck High School, and the activities have been expanded to some of the other boat landings around the lake.

In addition to disseminating information, CBCW volunteers have, through observation and interview, been collecting information about lake use that has been passed along to the Wisconsin DNR for various ongoing environmental studies.  We know from recent information collected that 16% of boaters launching on Bone Lake were unaware of the local AIS law making it illegal to transport boats and trailers having attached vegetation or other waterborne life forms.  It was also noted that 8% of boats coming into our observed landings had some form of attached vegetation.  Clearly the need for vigilance remains high.

Funding has been made available to carry CBCW activities into the next boating season.  The present plan is to continue the volunteer education and observation efforts.  Luck students will again be involved, but we are still welcoming adult volunteers as well. 

IIf you would like to help keep Bone Lake free of invasives please contact:
    Dick Mackie (715-857-5205) Or Chuck Steege (715-857-6237)

These laws have been written and adopted to protect our water resources from invasive species.

State of Wisconsin NR 40:

1.  Prohibits the transportation of any vehicle, including boats and trailers, on a public highway with aquatic plants or aquatic animals attached, and

2. Requires removal of aquatic plants and aquatic animals and draining of all water from any such vehicles or equipment immediately upon removal from the water and before leaving any boat launch or parking area, and

3. Prohibits the placing of any boat, vehicle or equipment into waters of the state (statewide) if they have any aquatic plants or aquatic animals attached.

Polk County Ordinance 10-08:

Prohibits launching or operating on a public roadway any boat, boat trailer, or hunting, trapping, fishing, or boating equipment, including canoes, lines, anchors, nets, decoys, and waders if aquatic plants or invasive animals are attached.

The UW Extension Clean Boats, Clean Waters volunteer watercraft inspection program is an opportunity to take a front line defense against the spread of aquatic invasive species. Through the program, volunteers are trained to organize and conduct a boater education program in their community. Adults and youth teams educate boaters on how and where invasive species are most likely to hitch a ride into water bodies. Volunteers perform boat and trailer checks for invasive species, distribute informational brochures and collect and report any new water body infestations. For more information about the program visit the CBCW website.